Stories and Testimonials

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" I’m 74 years old and have been doing the StandingTall program for 6 months now. I started StandingTall because I wanted to do more balance exercise, maintain my independence and keep up with my grandkids! "
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" After getting sick a while back I noticed that my balance wasn’t as good as it used to be. I stopped doing many of my usual activities as I was worried about losing my balance and falling. After doing the program for 6 months I noticed that my balance had improved. I was so pleased that my scores for the 6 months balance assessment were better than when I started. I now feel confident again to play lawn bowls and pick up my grandkids from school. "
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" Even though we are getting older, we have to stay active and do the things we enjoy. I have found that doing the StandingTall program is a great way to stay active and has really helped to improve my balance. I can do it at home, in my own time with minimal equipment. I set aside 15 minutes each morning to do my exercises. My goal is to be able to feel strong and steady enough to carry light groceries home from the supermarket. "
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" I do a lot of exercise, such as walking and Pilates, but I noticed that my balance was getting worse while doing everyday things, such as getting dressed. The StandingTall program has a calendar so that I can schedule my StandingTall exercises around my busy life. This has meant I have been able to keep up with the program regularly and stay motivated by tracking my progress through the app. I now have the balance and co-ordination to be able to put on my shoe while standing on one leg! "